Pilates is made for the human body

Pilates can change so much more than just your body- it feeds your stamina, it stabilizes your core and it strengthens your mind. If you are ready to (re)discover your inner athlete and increase your joy, energy and the power of your body, Pilates is right for you!



  • Power Pilates
  • Stott Pilates
  • BASI
  • BFA Dance and Choreography, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Health and Fitness Instructor Certification, American College of Sports Medicine

Jayne’s Story

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the human body and its movements. For 25 years, I have studied it through dance, work with a physical therapist, as a student of exercise physiology, a personal trainer, and as a private Pilates Instructor. While my method is mostly Pilates related, I add in diverse movements and therapies, combining them to support my clients in getting to know their bodies.

Pilates has given me way more than I ever could have imagined. I am emotionally stronger, I have better confidence, and my body moves with a youthful energy without hesitation. I’m now in my 50s and although I once had pain in my spine, knees, and hips, I now feel consistently strong and at ease in my body. Personally, if I’m not in good shape I really can’t function well at all. Immunity goes, and it’s a cascade from there heading into “all systems down.” Since I’ve invested in Pilates lessons regularly, I have rarely been ill.

Since 2010 I’ve had a private Pilates practice in Oakland.  In 2014 I had the most devastating knee injury ever from a skiing accident.  I thought I might never walk normally again.  In the past 25 years I’ve also had my fair share of injuries from dance, bike wrecks, and rollerblading. Because of the genius of Joseph Pilates method, I was able to continue my workouts due to the adaptability of the process and the apparatus.  As a bonus, my body recovered faster and in some ways stronger.  Perhaps more importantly it was mentally empowering! As a bonus, my body recovered more easily because of my Pilates practice.

While I can be the guide- I know (and teach) that ultimately it is up to the client to tap into their inner strength and do the work that will help get them where they want to be. This work builds confidence and strength – a winning combination!

I see my clients in an intimate space where we can work together without distraction. Through the work we do together, the client and I listen to what their body is saying so that we may change their bodies, their minds and their lives.

I have had the honor of work with and under these talented, dedicated and well-known professionals in their fields

Dancers and Choreographers

Sharon Kinney, France’s Weasels, Susan Israel, Peggy Lyman, Betty Jones, Joe Goode, Richard Gibson, Maryland Dance Theatre, Laura Schandelmeir, Christine Wright, Augusta Moore.

Physical Therapist

Harvey Deutch, PT

Pilates Instructors

Carla Hales, Larry Hall, Jean Claude West and currently Robert Surenbroek and Krisna Hanks.

Pilates Technique

Pilates is a workout system that will transform your body, increase your mental power and create a discipline impacting all areas of your life. No matter what age you are or what physical state you are in, Pilates can help you obtain the natural vigor you need to stay healthy and happy.

 Working With Me

One on One Coaching- the best way to set you up for success!  I’ll create customized programs designed to reach your personal goals.

I will work with you in our initial consultation to determine what is the most effective frequency for you. My philosophy is that when it comes to your health and fitness more exercise is best; it’s what we were made for! By working with me you will become more encouraged and motivated to go longer and to push your limits.  Practice is what will change your mind and body.

Most clients maximize their results by committing to 55 min Pilates sessions 2 to 3 times per week.

Let’s Work Together to achieve your goals!

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Customized programs designed to reach your personal goals.

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Jayne is great. She works with your skill level (for me this means a total beginner) and makes you feel comfortable. I haven’t done pilates in a long time but I feel great … and sore, ha! Definitely used some muscles I didn’t know I had!

Kate P.

Thank you for all that you have done to help me heal and grow. You have a special talent and you share it generously.

R. Richards

I wasn’t sold on the Pilates hype until I saw Jayne. My body felt totally different and new after her class. I felt longer through my limbs and torso and stronger everywhere. Best of all, I felt a release in my joints and places where I never knew I was holding tension.

Danika M.

What was surprising to me was that my stamina has increased since working with you. I can run greater distances without my back hurting. It’s pretty crazy to be a fast runner at my age. It sounds cliche but it’s invigorating. Working with you has been a huge stress reliever.

Peter Perez

Sign-Up for One on One Coaching

Customized programs designed to reach your personal goals.

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Want more Pilates?

Join Jayne for a small group Pilates mat class at the Park Boulevard Yoga Center in Oakland!

When: Tuesday’s from 10:15am-11:15am
Location: The Park Boulevard Yoga Center
4226 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602
What to bring: Your own mat.
Cost: $25.00 per class

For this class, you must have completed at 10 private sessions with Jayne or have studied the Classical Pilates Method.

Contact Jayne for more information.