You have been burned before and are a little skeptical. Counting calories is inhuman, and so boring.

How is this different? We will focus on increasing your energy, strength and well being. With me you will easily learn and stick to healthier habits.


I wasn’t sold on the Pilates hype until I saw Jayne. My body felt totally different and new after her class. I felt longer through my limbs and torso and stronger everywhere. Best of all, I felt a release in my joints and places where I never knew I was holding tension.
— Danika M.

Program specifics

  • Intake Assessment: 90 minutes to 2 hours… as long as it takes
  • Nutrition: While I am not a nutritionist, I can help you develop the food planning and eating habits that are best for your body long term
  • Calendar Work: Personalized work-out schedule including cardio and strength training at home
  • Personal Training: 6 holistic sessions, 75 minutes each, in my private studio